Which car would you buy?

[quote=“copyboy”]what about the Volvo S40, that car is hot, and quiet.
or a new A4, or pre owned A4
you could also probably grap a sweet corolla (sounds like a joke, but the one with the 2ZZ motor and 6-speed tranny would really move “quietly”)

ok, so one of my friends just got a Corolla, and it looks like they made it more fun to drive since the old days. like copyboy just said, it sounds like a joke, but it has recently acquired a “kick” ! and some beamer-esque stylings… just check it out as a reference. and spend your money on other toys when you get to CA.

A teacher who retired always warned his students about jumping into good life too early.

Each year students from my school get hired by the big 3, and many went ahead and bought new cars. A year passes and they find themselves jobless with all the payments to make.

If I were you, I’ll just get a beater for a couple of years and so you can evaluate your value in the field. If you have a car now, I will try to keep it running. Getting a new car is a lot of hassle and money. Also, since you will be moving to California, you should learn more about exactly how expensive it is to own a car there instead of making a conclusion now.

If I have $25k, I will probably find a good bank and have less worry. Of course, if $25k is well within your “safe zone”, then enjoy it and get a WRX wagon. I don’t know how much it costs but getting a coupe is a bad idea. I have a Prelude and it’s very limiting.

The best car so far that I like but not necessarly buy would be A6. The entire car’s form is seamless, except for the front grill and the steering wheel.

Thanks Cow. You always sound so clever. I respect your suggestions.
Getting a car is not a big deal. Everyone drives in U.S and especially to live in Cali, commuting should become fun daily ritual. I drive 2 to 3 hours commute during weekdays right now (NJ-NY), and driving is a big part of my day. I know how it can affect one’s daily pattern, especially if you are a designer.

I do concern about how I can save more $$ and become stable in the future. Luckly living in Cali is so much cheaper than NJ or NYC.

-And, thanks Yo. The website from your photo is very useful. You got a really good deal with your TT. Recently, I met a designer from Nike who visit NY, and he said he also bought TT (silver coupe). I asked about you, but he didn’t know who you were. He works at Electronic division.

How about a Pontiac Vibe GT with the fine Yamaha powerplant and 6 speed? Or, the less selling Toyota Matrix with the same motor? Both great cars with great carry capacity. Good gas milage and fun to drive!

[quote=“yo”]I just picked up a used Audi TT quatro turbo convertible for under $25k. Love it.

got this color and trim level: Dark flat grey with the baseball glove interior.


That better have a manual tranny… :smiley:

One image gents hopefully picking one up by the end of the year…

elise 135R manual of course

Have you looked at the Audi A3? Much like a GTI but with more “style” (and $ to show for it). It is quick, reasonably inexpensive (a relative term, I know), and has as much room as the previous generation A4 Avant.

I used to like Audi and Volkswagen except everyone Ive know who has had them complained of near constant mechanical and especially electrical problems.

My ex had a VW Golf that went into the shop to have the dash ripped apart twice a month for some computer which they could never get working. Sometimes the headlights would stop working, then the wipers, then the radio, then they would all come back on again after a rainstorm - never could get it fixed.

Two friends have Jettas and they have similar problems, one had a power window motor fail and lock with the window half way down, the stereo also had problems, the other had engine idle problems and the side blinker kept popping out - never could get it fixed.

My last person that I knew with a TT had it in the shop so much that under state law is was declared a lemon and the dealership had to buy it back at full cost. They have all sworn that while Audis and VWs look really nice, mechanically they are total pieces of crap.

Personally I drive a four cylinder VTEC Honda Accord and love it. As long as I stick to the scheduled maintenance for oil changes and such the car runs perfectly - and for a four cylinder its pretty fast. Ive driven the new v6 hybrid Accord and it is ridiculously fast. The electric motor takes you off the line at a stop light and it has instant power, once you get going the gas engine kicks in. That plus the milage it gets makes it a pretty hard car to beat.

My mom has 03 A3. Damn nice car, no problem yet.

The new A3 is much sportier. I don’t think you can get that for under $25k.

For $25K you could get a nice 02-03 Honda S2000…still the 2L motor before the release of the 2.2 in 2004. 9K redline…nice looks, drop top, honda reliability, track suited (not sure if you wanna do autoX or track days), and decent gas mileage. Not much room though.

Someone also mentioned a mid 90’s M3…that would be a nice choice. About the same quickness as the S2k…but more practicality.

You mentioned you don’t want the street-racer looks…but a used 03-05 Mitsu Evo8 could be had for $25K. Sure it has a big wing, but you get a hell of a lot of car for that money. 2.0L turbo that can be modded to hell, brembos, 4seats, etc.

Not sure what type of look you want…but some of those volvo pics are just too “old” for me personally. If they ran low 13’s and had upper 60mph slalom time then I might change my mind :slight_smile: hehe

Some things to take into account:
So do you want something with a warranty?

Will you have the need for 4 seats?

Do you want a car payment…or purchasing cash?

Best of luck in your search!

I know you probably don’t even want to consider this, but for about $20k you can get a pretty well loaded Focus SVT. Fast and fun car with lot’s of room. You can get the 5 door version. It’s got 6 speed as well.

Not sure what type of look you want…but some of those volvo pics are just too “old” for me personally. If they ran low 13’s and had upper 60mph slalom time then I might change my mind Smile hehe

Volvo’s are old looking, but there’s just something about the S40s, they’re great looking, they have potential.

Look at this one :sunglasses:

and if you’re interested read about this car


I’ll summarize 550HP, AWD, sweet breaks. It’s a one-off for SEMA, but damn it’s hot. and the black hood looks sweet with the Volvo hood construction. The GT40esque side nostrals are cool too.

I know the stock car looks nothing like this, but mine would :smiley:

couldn’t resist, sorry, it’s just too damn cool looking.

Cow, you drive Supra and your mom has A3? cool…

Thanks for so many great suggestions. These actually showed how Industrial Designers are thinking on “real purchasing” issues and not just designing items.
So even 25k, I can’t even get what I really want. It means I should get it in few years after the savings done. For now, with 25k,
Honda Accord EX with package sounds like the best deal out there.
The car looks sporty yet elegant. It is fast, and also its market value is amazing.

I love Audi and Volvo, but after what I heard, they only starts at 25k, which means it could go up to 30k or even more. Not my choice right now.
I was thinking about used BMW or even some hot sports cars, but I realized that I wouldn’t feel comfortable posing around (since I’ll be an entree level designer).
What Cow mentioned was very realistic suggestion. What if I loose the position in near future? It’s damn scary picture.
I am sure in four years, salary goes really high, and that will be the time to drive sporty machine. For now, I am in the track of ordinary coupe. (I don’t need four seaters).

Wow…sweet volvo! Nice camber on the back wheels, hehe.

You’ll change your mind once you move out here.

Huh no. I drive a 97 Honda Prelude which was “given” to me after my sister graduated. I definitely couldn’t afford anything like that.

BTW I don’t know where you get the idea from but California is definitely not a cheap place for car ownership. Just think gas prices…

I’ve managed not to have a car for 4 years because I live and work in the city.

But, every so often I think that maybe I should get a car and join the rat race. Still, I manage to hold off on any test drives. Even so… when I think about it, you’re in my price range for a vehicle and the only ones that come to mind are:

Cooper because it’s a people magnet
Miata because it’s a blonde magnet
Prius, because it’s a hippie magnet
Subara wagon, because it’s practical
Small pick-up, because it’s ultra-practical (for someone who builds stuff, has bikes, etc.)

I’ve also thought about getting a Katana 6, because it’s fast and a blonde magnet, but held off because I’ll probably get killed by some guy in an Escalade.

To be honest… part of my not getting a car is that I don’t find many of them to be so desirable that I need to plunk down $$$ that I can spend instead on debauchery. Except maybe than new Eclipse… sexy looking on TV. Mitsubishi is close to the brink so I’m willing to wait until they get eaten by one of the others or dig their way out of the hole.

If you are going to SF and can live and work in town… just use the Muni and Bart systems. Any money you can save for travel and play is money not thrown at an asset that depreciates and degrades.