Where's the best place to work San Francisco or NYC

I’ve taken some of the advice on some of the recent postings… and some of you suggested that I should reasearch ALL of the design firms that I would eventually like to work for.

They’re mostly in these two cities. I’d like to know:

  • what the competition is like for entry level designers
  • what to expect in terms of salary
  • which city will offer more (in terms of job growth, money).

Are there any designers (ID, Print, Architects, Interior Design, etc) from both cities who’d care to make an insightful comment or share any stories/advice?

Much obliged!

Weeest Siiiiiiide!!

If you’re an ID’r, head to the west coast. NYC is limited in comparison.

*Firms are all over. Not sure if they’re hiring? Check the coroflot postings by region/city.

*Starting pay around 50K+ (based on knowing 3 new hires in the area).

*As for benefits… Prof. growth and acheiving higher pay is all up to your performance. Make it happ’m cap’m.

*Other qualities that will greatly affect you [or not?] over time are: Do you have access to an ocean, mountains, other interseting nearby cities, how’s the weather, etc… Don’t get blinded by the tags of the profession; seek happiness as well.

OK, enough preaching…

*Again, just talking about Industrial Design.