Where'd you get your wallet? What do you carry in it?

I’m trying to find a nice one that I can keep for a long time. In December, I lost my wallet on a taxi. I’ve been using a Mighty Wallet (Tyvek material, CMYK print), but it’s starting to wear down and loosen, causing my things to fall out.

Any tips? Cool places? I’ll be in NYC in a week, maybe local things I can check out?


Looking at http://www.makr.com/ Makr Carry Goods right now. Anyone have one of these? They look real nice.

I got a really nice slim ostrich leather credit card wallet at saks 6 years ago and it’s still
In great shape. I gone through many wallets over the years and all I can say is quality is worth it in the long run over price. It’s something you use and carry everyday, remember.

Valextra also makes really sweet things. Not sure if they are in NYC but figure they must be someplace.


I’ve had a few jFolds lately which I like but haven’t held up… Looking at a Hlaska next.

R - Valextra is way out of my range, regardless of how long I’ll use it… haha. Maybe when I have a full time job.
yo - I’m not a fan of jFolds, but Hlaska doesn’t look bad. Unfortunately there’s no Memorial Day sale on wallets. Shucks… I might hop over to the Stanford store to see them in person. Thanks for the tip!

Maybe you will find something here.

I found that site via one of my favorite bag sites, carryology.com which is a site dedicated to all things carry w/ great infographics.

Nau - non-leather, great construction, simple design. but i use the sim card slot for my bike lock key.

Here’s some more.


In particular the Maxx & Unicorn one is from a Brooklyn designer and should be able to be found in NYC.


Linda has the Maxx & Unicorn and likes it a lot. I don’t particularly like it, since I’m trying to get away from a bi-fold.

Thanks for the suggestions, all. I think I’ll be set on Makr after I see it in real life… Hope it works out!

Forget the wallet, go minimal.
Reduce the bulk in your pocket by carrying as few credit cards as you can, add your drivers license, then wrap the cards with your billfold and hold it in place with a butterfly clip.

I have been using the same 50 cent clip that I got at a stationary store for the last fifteen years.
butterfly clip.jpg

My friends and I were discussing this. I’m really tempted by it. It’s ballsy and manly. I’ll try it for a week and see what happens. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll get a wallet.


On the same topic, what do you carry in your wallet? I’m trying to figure out what I can eliminate. I’ve got it down to:

Student ID (handy for discounts)
Health insurance card (debating necessity of this… can I just take a picture of front and back on my phone?)

What about you guys?

I like the concept of this, but comes off to me as too hipster and useless for practical application. I’m a bit old school perhaps in that I think there are few good things a man should have and that includes a good wallet, shoes and a watch. Investment over the lifetime of a good wallet is really minimal (like a watch and shoes) and says a lot. If you consider people will spend $600 or so on an iPhone that will be replaced in 2-3 years $200+ on a wallet that will last 10 years is nothing. Same for a watch that will last 20 years or good shoes that last (with minor repairs) 6+ years.


Just tried this. Seems a little impractical. Will report back tonight after I go out to dinner/drinks.

Got back from dinner just now. This clip thing was pretty impractical. When I had to get cash out to pay for the split bill, I dropped some bills in my soup cause I had so much stuff in my hands. Maybe I’m just too used to flipping through a bi-fold. I’ll give it a day or two.

My brother got me aCoach Water Buffalo Walletabout 5 years ago. Still is amazing condition to this date. I always recommend it to my friends when they need a new wallet. If there is an outlet near you they run for less than $75. In reality any high quality leather wallet will do though, just had a good experience with mine.

As for what I carry:
Credit x 3 (could probabbly reduce to 1)
Student ID
Giftcards - x2
Insurance Card
Shop ID card for school

Could slim it down a tad bit but it’s not overly bulky.

Totally a “working” wallet; made out of fire hose material; Dulthtrading.com

  • 12.7-oz. Fire Hose cotton canvas and aged bark leather
  • Divided bill carrier for multiple currencies
  • 8 credit card slots and 2 additional hidden slots
  • 30% more storage space than our bi-fold version
  • Measures 4-1⁄4"W x 3-1⁄2"H




that solution looks tempting.

My wallet: A classical burgundy leather wallet with 2 x 4 Slots for Cards, two folders for bills. and one big slot for ID.

What do I carry in it:

  • Euro Bills. (Cash)
  • no coins
  • Driving License
  • ID Card
  • Allergy status
  • Reciepts
  • 2 Credit cards
  • 2 EC Cards
  • 1 Esso Customer Card
  • Photo of my wife
  • Adress cards of stores and friends ( working as “bolster” for the plastic cards)


I got this for free at an idsa conference about 6 years ago and have used it as my wallet ever since. it is great be cause it limits the amount that i can stuff into it. no George Costanza wallet for me. the plastic is cracking a little after 6 years but i guess i can drop $5 and get a new one if it gets too bad.

for me an actual wallet is a necessity because I travel almost every week.

Here is what I carry:

1 Credit Card
1 Debit Card
Drivers Licence
Airline Card (have to flash the United Status)
health insurance card
sfMOMA card (I go a lot, it is right up the street from work, they have good coffee)
cash, not much, usually about $40
between 5-10 receipts for the day that I need to expense (move them to pouch in my bag for the week’s expenses)
1 business card (just in case)
a small sheet of paper with emergency numbers (in case something happens, or my phone dies, because I don’t remember phone numbers anymore)

I’ve gotten really into “Everyday Carry” lately, and just upgraded my stuff (with minimalism, quality, and function being the primary objectives)… it ended up costing a bit and taking quite a bit more research/time than I anticipated, but I’m happy with it.

“Wallet” (right pocket):

Titanium money clip
3 cards (license, credit card, car2go card)

stainless steel credit card sized multi-tool (much much thicker and more useful than I ever expected)

Keys (right pocket):

TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip (makes it so your keys hang in the middle of your front pocket to prevent the bottom pocket bulge)
Black oxide split key ring

Kwikset house key (black)
Volvo V70 key (black)
Kryptonite bike lock key (black)
Masterlock key to access locked bikes (shiny silver, trying to find a black key blank)

*I also have another set of keys for bicycling only…

Kaijin black fish hook
Black oxide split key ring
Kwikset house key (black)
Kryptonite key
Masterlock key

Phone (left pocket):
iPhone4 (flashlight, GPS, makes phone calls too) Naked/no case or cover.

5th pocket:
Bic mini lighter (aka bottle opener)

6th pocket added to all my jeans at a local alterations place:

So here is the website that motivated me to do it… and I apologize for the time and money you’re about to put towards this new addicition you’re about to develop. You’ll see a lot of knives, guns, and other ridiculous gadgets and items that some individuals find necessary to carry on themselves everyday. I love browsing through them, but really tried to focus on what is absolutely essential for myself (I don’t need a mini titanium prybar, or three $200+ flashlights in my pocket, or a miniature grappling hook… even though I really want that last one)

I wish you the best of luck. Once you get in, make the purchases, and then get out! Ha!

But Atwood tools are so nice.

I also fell trap to the EDC bug. Carry a flashlight, knife, paracord, and mini pocket tool at all times.