where to turn

Long story short, I started out doing ID, but a couple years into the program, realized that the curriculum wasn’t right for me. I switched into Mech. Engineering and Technology, where I’m about to graduate from.

But I’ve been thinking lately as to where I should point myself for my future. The one thing I absolutely loved about my time in ID was the prototyping and modelmaking. I have a knack for fixing and making things, so I’d like to stay in that vein. So where does a bright-eyed student such as myself turn if we want to go into professional modelmaking or p-typing? From my degree, I have a good grasp on the scientific and technical knowledge of prototyping and manufacturing. I’ve heard that film schools usually have a quality effects and model program, or maybe I should eventually get back into ID…I dont know…you tell me…

get a portfolio together and starting knocking on doors…maybe do an MA in product design too?

yea, try to get into an ID consultancy with it’s own shop.

these days modelmakers are freelancers working for a prototype shop. This keeps the overhead low, they can bring people on (or off) easily and pay no benifits.

I would call around to model/prototype shops and get a feel for what they’re looking for, who they hire, and where those people were trained and educated.

And if that doesn’t work, call up the admissions department at Bemidji State. The best model makers I’ve worked with all came from there.

What program do the Bemidji state modelmakers you speak of graduate from. I’ve been wanting to contact them about inviting the students and faculty down to some of our IDSA events in Minneapolis. We have a portfolio revue coming up, but I couldn’t find any ID program up there. I had heard there was, but no luck finding contact info.

From what I understand (and I may be wrong) there isn’t an ID program there. I think the model makers graduate with an Industrial Technology degree, with a focus on model making. I remember seeing that on their website at some point.

Right, I was up there for portfolio reviews for their exhibit design program graduates a few years ago and got to check out all of the model making graduate’s work, I was impressed.