Where to Start?

So I recently started college part time and I’m currently taking pre requisites. I want to start full time this fall. I’m not in a situation to go to a school close to me that has Industrial Design as an undergraduate degree. I’m wondering if majoring in Graphic Design and getting my bachelor’s then getting my master’s in Industrial Design is a good combination or is it highly unlikely I’ll get accepted into the program with no Engineering background besides taking CAD classes? This is my first post but I’ve been following along Core77 for a while! Excited to finally join! Would love some feedback!

Where in the world are you? There has to be a school that offers industrial design somewhere.

Sorry I didn’t mention it before! I live like an hour and a half outside of Philadelphia. I’m not in a situation to move down to Philadelphia at this point and go to Philadelphia University or Drexel that offers ID. If I could graduate with Graphic Design and find a job down in Philadelphia I would be able to try and get my master’s in ID and live down there.

If you search some other posts here I think you’ll find the consensus is that a Bachelor is more usually for becoming a practicing designer. A Masters isn’t a shortcut that produces good designers without other design education already laid down as a foundation.

Why would you waste 4 years doing a Graphic Design program and then 2 more doing a Masters in ID if you want to do ID? Move, do the right program, don’t cut corners on your future.


I agree with RK.

What is the situation that prohibits you from moving an hour and a half away?

There are plenty of online schools which offer a diverse range of subjects, so if you are interested about starting such a course, then explore these institutes and join the one that would suit you best.

^^^Online school for ID? I wouldn’t recommend that.

Go for the bachelors! Be careful about which prerequisites you take at community as some schools will not transfer certain course credits. Make some phone calls to admissions counselors and find out the types of courses that will transfer before you waste your time and money. Four years is a lot less expensive than six years even if you have to move to a more expensive city. Philly is not an ideal place to go to school for ID. Don’t short change yourself by limiting yourself geographically. ID is a competitive field you want all the advantage you can acquire. Don’t start yourself out on an uphill climb.