where to source this material?

Hey, so I saw these shoes in a pop up store, and realized that the ribbon that’s woven between the upper and lower of this shoe is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for, for a non-footwear related project. Any experts here know where I could source such a thing or what its called in the industry? I’ve looked up various kinds of “shoe lace” material (by the roll as I’d need it) but have only turned up pretty generic shoe laces, not this nice flat-sectioned type ribbon/lace. Any help would be appreciated.

nike 05j

Try looking for nylon webbing.

Webbings - PAIHO USA is a good place to start.


That’s definitely shoe-lace webbing, available in many widths and endless colors.

Do you need it for in-house prototyping or do you need samples of your product (using that material) made?