Where to look for part time partners

In the interest of full disclosure, there are a few red flags with this posts.

Red Flag #1 - “partner” implies some sort of delayed compensation. Hence, the “part time” prefix. Noboday wants to starve full time.

Red Flag #2 - This is my first post

Ref Flag #3 - I don’t have any specific project in mind.

Red Flag #4 - I have minimal experience in design or manufacturing.

With that in mind, I am looking for people to form a domestic manufacturing startup that is fiscally sustainable, socially responsible, and treats its workers right. I am just a guy who does very basic database programming at one of those small generic importing companies. I have taken a few cad/cam/cnc classes but I’ve barely scratched the surface of the design/manufacturing process. The idea is to start with simple small projects, use what we learned in the process to build next projects better and bigger, and repeat. It can a simple wooden tray or a bicycle peddle or a LED desk lamp or whatever that can be made with existing equipments. The statup will have access to a small workshop, cnc mill, cnc lathe, cnc router, dye sublimation printer, cylinder arm sewing machine, laser engraver, a small electronics work bench, mig/tig welder and etc. The startup does not have to worry about rent, utility, or machine payments, that will be my contribution.

The ideal partners are people who are willing to be familiar with the various manufacturing process and can treat other partners as equals and all cowokers as fellow human beings.

Red Flag #5 - I am ideologically opposed to manufacturing in undemocratic countries and I prefer to manufacture in the US. Most of the equipment listed above are made in the US or in other free countries.

What motivates me besides domestic manufacturing is that I don’t mind working 60~80hr weeks, but if I have friends coming over, I can easily take half a day or a couple days off whenever I want and also enjoy the various pretax company perks. Therefore, the company needs to have a good operating structure.

I am open to working on a few simple projects first before committing and this is still a learning process for me. I am located in Temple City, CA.

A lot of information are missing so free free to ask.



John, we discourage posting openly commercial enquiries. This is a community to discuss design… but for the sake of discussion, if you don’t bring any design or manufacturing expertise, what are you brining to the partnership? Distribution conncetions? Finance expertise? Investment capital?

My progress if slow but I think I have enough equipments to make an attempt at commerical production. I am kind of approaching design from the manufacturing side and I wonder if there are others who are going in the opposite direction. It’s sort of a “anyone interested in getting together to build something?”

There is a commerical element. It will be great if this venture can be self sustaining or even generate enough surplus/profit to buy bigger and better machines to build even bigger and better projects. A 5-axis gantry router or an autoclave big enough to fit bike frames would be nice.

For now, the commericial element is optional. The main emphasis is learning and cooperation. For example, I want to build a simple standing work table with vesa mounts for a dual monitor setup. It may take 200 hours to design around the constraints of existing machines and build the first table. However, since most of the parts are made on cnc machines, subsequent tables may only take 2 hours to build. If 5 people are involved, each person will spend ~41 hours per table and that’s a lot faster than one person spending 200 hours. Even if only two people are involved, that’s a 50% reduction in time compared with going at it solo. If the resulting product is good enough to be sold commercially for a profit, that’s great. If not, no big deal. We still have our own standing work tables. The only cost is the material and whatever time it takes to design and build. We don’t have to worry about rent, utility, or machine cost.

This sounds like something I posted a few years back: If you had access to all of this under one roof...

So maybe you could re-frame your inquiry to ask the designers here what they would like to attempt with your capabilities.

I dig your entrepreneurial-ship, doubly so in wanting to keep things in the US.

Sounds like you’re offering opportunities, where are you located?

Wow, 240K of space. . . I don’t have that much space nor equipment right now. Currently, there is,

~1,200 sqft of space
48" x 96"’ cnc router
30" x 16" cnc mill
12" x 48" cnc lathe
5hp liquid ring vacuum pump
35W 12" x 24" laser engraver
11" x 17" dye sublimiation printer/press
cylinder arm sewing machine
electronic workbench
small photo studio with 3 soft boxes

I am Los Angeles, Temple City.

that’s pretty much it.