where to live in London


I am soon moving to London for a job, was wondering if anyone could recommend good places to live. I will be living with 3 others we are looking for a house/flat. I am working in the North of the city and the others are central so as long as the area has good transport links it doesnt matter too much, zone 2 would preferable. We are all young so money is quite important. Somewhere near a park would be nice!

If anyone has any recomendations/opinions or warnings they would be really appreciated.


as a guide the further you live out, the bigger place you will have and the cheaper it will be. I’ve mainly lived in North london for the past 5 yrs hense my recommendations.

some interesting places to look at are Newington Green, Stoke Newington (v popular but a nice park), Kentish town, Tuffnell park…further north Crouch end/Horsey is quite nice (where I am). You can also find some alright places just a bit north of finsbury park off stroud green road. If you are lucky you can sometimes find a bargin for places near ess3x rd near angel.

If you want to splash out a bit more you could look at places in Highbury, angel, cannonbury, Camden, primrose hill, little Venice…etc

pick up a loot and get on the blower.

drop me a PM if you want any more tips.

I lived in Haringay,zone 3 between Manor House and Turnpike Line,I really liked this area cause is really well comunicated with central London,you´ve got 2 tube lines,piccadilly and victoria,and of course you’ve got some buses as well.

I’m also looking for a new place in London. I’d recommend looking North and East.

Right now I’m looking for somewhere in Bethnal Green, up and coming and you can still find some reasonably priced places round there, just down the road from brick lane and spitalfields, easy commute to central and north.

You looking to be in the thick of it or something a bit quieter?
Finchley is a nice quiet area, though high prices. There’s already some good recommendation for N.London, you might also want to check Islington.

Some nice places in Hackney, but bit of a tube dead zone. Buses in and out though.

Turnpike Line

Always wanted to live in one of those houses near the basketball court! Used to spend a lot a time there, best outdoor court in the UK, gets packed in the summer.

what about Palmers Green,little bit far from central London,nice houses,good prices,but forget to talk about tube on weekends,cause is Norther Line and is almost every weekend closed.

another place I lived was Maida Vale,close to Paddington,really nice area.

ask to any states office to get information.

cool thanks guys… im going to london this weekend so i will check out some of those areas. The other people I live with will be working in Covent Gardern, Bank and Oxford Street so we need to be able to get to the centre easily. They are also quite keen to live in the south, possibly clapham which means a big commute for me! but I dont mind too much if its a good area? or do people have any other suggestions around there?

thanks again

would advise against clapham everyone that lives there is dull
although if you ever get really desperate infernos is probably londons premier meat market for junior level city girls and boys
north/east tend to have better bars
just make sure you’re on or close to a 24 hour bus route from the places that you are likely to go out in as the 15 quid i shelled out on saturday reminded me why i tend to take the bus 5 minutes up the road
check gumtree and use tfl.gov.uk to check travel routes and times to work (and night routes home from bars and clubs)

Depends what you want and what you mean by ‘dull’. Most people who live North East i.e. Shoreditch or Hackney are also pretty fake. It’s like students living in what they think is a dangerous area for the sake of being cool. Except it’s not dangerous any more. But then it depends what you mean by fake too… as you get a lot of fakeness in Chelsea, but it’s a different calibre of fake.

In my opinion, look on Gumtree… move somewhere near to your work and then you’ll figure out where YOU personally like best by living in London.

It’s like students living in what they think is a dangerous area for the sake of being cool.

This is 100% absolutely not true.

The cool factor is a Result of the reason they are living there.

  1. Students need cheap rent (unless Mommy and Daddy are paying for every penny)

  2. Dangerous areas have cheap rent

They might claim its cool, but thats really just helping them sleep at night. They are only saying that because thats where they live, not because they wanted to live there in the first place.
Students can not afford to live in the ritzy areas.

Theres only a few options in most cities;
Close Nice Expensive,
Close Dangerous Cheap,
Far-away Nice Cheap.

For most, it makes sense to live within biking distance of their school, since most students don’t have cars.

That post is laughable. Do you live in London? I’m 27. I live here, I know all different types of people that live all around London and I understand the youth culture here well, due to my business.

  1. The cool factor is not a result of students. Students are not cool! The cool factor IN LONDON is a result of an element of danger and urban rawness.

  2. There are lots of areas in London that have cheap rent… I live in one. There are absolutely no students here. Trust me, they live in particular areas because of the name. It’s trendy to live in Hackney so they live in Hackney. It’s not trendy to live in Wandsworth.

  3. “For most, it makes sense to live within biking distance of their school, since most students don’t have cars”… this is London not Texas, there is a tube. Why do students live in areas like Dalston which are completely inaccessible?

  4. A lot of students in London have more money than the working class. I know some that pay over £1500 a month for their flat. Mummy and daddy help out a lot, but do they choose to live in Chelsea? No, they live in Hackney.

We’re referring to London here. I’m not generalising.

Having said that, I do agree that there are a lot of people living in particular areas of London for the sake of cheap rent. However this is often genuinely not the case in the North East.

We’re referring to London here. I’m not generalising.

I suppose that’s where we’re miscommunicating.

My post is in regards to students living in “dangerous” areas in general, not London specific.

I can see your point about Hackney, etc. There are a few areas in NYC that are like this too. They’re not dangerous anymore, but they once were.

My points were brought up about the city of Savannah. Very dangerous. Poverty mixed with millionaires. If you’re not a millionaire, you’re living in a questionable area.

  1. “For most, it makes sense to live within biking distance of their school, since most students don’t have cars”… this is London not Texas, there is a tube. Why do students live in areas like Dalston which are completely inaccessible?

    sorry to burst your bubble but Dalston is far more accessable than you seem to realise with numberous 24hr busses and an overline (it’s even on the oyster) that closes later than the tube

the busses connect all of the places that students will probably go out such as shoreditch, central, camden and dare i say dalston and if students are anything like when i was a student the most important thing when it comes to location is ease of getting back from the pub/club due to the number of times they go out every week

Yes I spend a lot of my time there due to work… I know how accessible it is. Yes there are buses, but no there isn’t a tube. Yes they do live there because it’s near to North East bars/clubs. They don’t live there because it’s close to their ‘school’.