Where to go. . .

I just got accepted to SCAD, CIA, and Pratt…Anyone have any thoughts on which one to go to…I want to go to SCAD for many reasons but I know the other schools are good to…let me know what you think!

what are the many reasons?
what do you want to do when you get out?

Well iv’e visited SCAD a few times now and everyone tells me different things about it…I think the facilities are awsome, the work that I see looks good, but people tell me its in a bad location and things like that…I want to major in I.D im still not exactly sure what I want to concentrate on whether its shoe design or something like that but im sure i’ll figure it out when i start in sept…I’ve visted the other schools to and the work that comes out of there is pretty amazing to so its hard to judge…

ahhh, so those are the MANY reasons? :wink:

Have you visited the other schools?

All three will give you some good schools, but I think what matters most is how connected you feel to the place and the quality of students around you. I would visit the other 2 and then also look at the portfolios of their alumni here:




You can also compare those to other school portfolios through this:

ha ya i guess there wasn’t many reasons but yea i’ve visited the other schools too…pratt i wasn’t to connected to because of the location I just didn’t like it being in the middle of brooklyn and I didn’t like how the campus was just in one secluded area…and CIA I liked it prob would be my second choice I liked the city of cleveland and there were many colleges in the area of CIA which was cool to…but if I had to choose I would say I most felt connected to SCAD…it also helps that I got a portfolio scholarship which my parents are pumped about haha

one thing i have to say about pratt (i’m a graduate) is that it’s in NYC and the opportunities that that presents are quite significant (if you are PROACTIVE) and i’ll have to disagree with you on the fact that pratt is secluded… granted it’s not in manhattan, but it’s only a short subway ride away…

anyways good luck with the choice that you make. i’m sure you’ll do great regardless.