Where to get inspired in LA?

I’m going to be out in LA on vacation, and figured that I needed to tank up on design inspiration whhile I’m out there. Are there some cool retail, stores, museums that other people out there have found? What are the must-sees for designers?

I need inspiration!!!

Getty Museum?
3rd Street Promenade?
What else?

Art Center in Pasadena

Gehry’s new Disney Concert hall is considered to be his best work:

I just experienced the City Walk at Universal Studios–great if you’re into themed environments and creative signage.

The Farmers Market is really cool. http://www.farmersmarketla.com/

You could get a tour of Art Center in Pasadena

… San Diego.

korea town

The getty. It’s not really design, but hey it’s worth the free monorail ride, and the story of how they spent million of dollars to bring the stone wall sections piece by piece from greece. Say you’re a student and your in for free. Then remember to check out the garden. It’s really a sight.

Oh and if you do go to citywalk, hit up the rumba room and then stumble your ass into the taxi and go to the mayan. Both clubs got cool theme designs in them. It not really design, but more a texture thing. Gotta love the textures.