Where to find Ultra Thin Neoprene Supplier

I’ m currently in the process of finding a ultra thin 0,5mm neoprene sheet supplier. I’m having a hard time finding one, the thinest I found is 0,8mm.
Do you know a good supplier or have an index of neoprene supplier in which I could look? If you have any information it would be very appreciated.

Best Regards

Are you looking for samples or quanity? Do you want raw neoprene or laminated on one side/both sides?

I would like to have samples to test the neoprene & then if it fits my needs I would order a certain amout. We would prefer raw neoprene but we are open to other variables. One of the thing we are looking for is a low compression set. If you can help me please let me know.


Hi, I’ll make an inquiry and see what I can find out for you. How much material would you need for a sample?