Where to buy locks/clasps?

I was wondering whether somebody could tell me where to buy a similar case lock, one with a small gap between the two parts and which locks in two of the three dimensions (left-right, top-bottom, front-back)? I checked several DIY stores and Google Images, but without result.

Ideally it should lock in all of the three dimensions.
Maybe a combination with the following?

This is the application:

I always start at McMastercarr or MSC.

Try Hafele - they have multiple locations in many countries.

Furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic locking systems - Häfele

Another good source is Southco. They make quality stuff.


used to use southco but now tend to use dirak as are far cheaper

there website is broken and you can’t get 3D and 2D cad downloads from their site but if you can find them in a shop you should save a bit

Thanks, they both have swivel hasps which are not too big, hopefully the gap between plate and counter plate is large enough.

Mcmaster had a nice low profile gate latch but it was pretty pricey for the function.