Where to buy awesome eyewear..

Does anybody know some places that sell “designer” eye glasses? I see Warby Parker but im curious if you all known any other places… :sunglasses:

Was the point of this to get us to google Warby Parker? I def need new shades. My roommate scared me after bringing up the dangers of cheap sunglasses, and I’ve been wearing cheap ones forever.

Warby Parker is way overblown on how cool they are. They’re basically cheap plastic glasses, and at $100 are a bit or a rip-off. You can get nicer glasses at Walgreen’s in my opinion. Their retail model is pretty forward thinking, but I’d rather pay more to get better glasses.

Look up dealers in your area of Orgren, Mykita. IC!Berlin, Fleye, and you’ll find nice glasses.

Ive been rocking a pair of glasses from SEE eyewear for a few years now. Will probably go back with them after I wear these out.

perspiration or sunglasses? It is so difficult to recommend eyewear. It really depends on what you are looking for and what you can pull off.

a few to check out on the prescription side:


I’m pretty happy with my Smith Avedons


I like a lot of their styles.

I am presently wearing glasses from Zennioptical.com. Non-branded frame but great quality and great price. I tell everyone about them! Why pay $200-300 for a pair of glasses?

Cool thanks guys… This helped out. I got tired of looking at standard everyday frames… I want something unique

Zennioptical isn’t a bad idea. I have a few spare pairs of glasses I keep in my bag, car, house just in case something happens to my contacts /glasses while driving, riding my bike, etc.

These guys have a wide selection of solid designs, I have a pair of the 4366s