Where to apply?

I’m in the process of polishing my portfolio and want to make sure I’m sending it out to all the right universities. So far I’ve decided to apply for industrial design at University of Cincinnati, Art Center, Pratt, RISD and ENSCI (in Paris, my hometown).

I’d like to hedge my bets so I am considering CCA as well as Academy of Art University, but I also want to limit the number of applications to 6-7.

I’m looking primarily on the East and West coast, as well as Europe. Are there any other schools I should really be considering? Are CCA and AAU interesting backups? Maybe I should consider Carnegie Mellon as well?

Here’s what I’m looking for in a school: good faculty for Product Design (not really into Transportation), focus on design more than engineering, balancing studio skills with problem solving, a good infrastructure/workshop and a culturally interesting city that hopefully has decent weather.