Where should I start?

I am not a product designer, I’m more into idea creation/generation. I have a few ideas mulling around my head, and I want to move on them, problem is I don’t really know where to start, so I thought I would reach out for guidance.

What should be my first step? How do I ensure rights to my ideas? Patents?How do I find out if my “idea” has already been done or in the process of being designed. If I do need a patent, I know that patent creation requires sketches, etc. and I can’t even draw a stick figure well. Is patent creation even the first step? Should I partner with a seasoned Product Designer? What are the typical costs?
What are some resouces online or otherwise that I can tap to help me at this stage?

Any and all guidance would be much appreciated!
Thank you.


Start with some initial research (hello, google!) on the range of products within the general category of your ideas. Then, if you think you’ve got something, I would do some research at the US Patent Office:

That should give you a good start to knowing what’s out there in the category of the product you are thinking of. I’m not sure what your project is or what your skills are, but it may be helpful to get in touch with a product designer to help you work out some details. Make sure they sign a confidentiality form.

If you’re serious about what you’re doing, get in touch with a patent lawyer to get the process started. There are different types of patents and costs associated with those patents; again, a lawyer can discuss these details with you once you get the ball rolling.

Feel free to contact me (free of charge) if you want to talk a bit more about this. unimaginative_me@yahoo.com

Thanks for the info. I guess the Patent office is a good start :astonished:)

Anyway, i will definitely email you directly to further discuss.
Thanks again!