Where old SGI's go to die


Check out their prices on SGI systems.

Wow – that dates me.

I remember learning C and graphics coding on an SGI Indigo station. They were so expensive that there was a seperate electronically locked room that only the graphics people could enter. And they were so fast. Like, 4000 polygons per second or something…

…dual procs and maxed out ram, my sgi was a screamer in it’s day…now it’s worth it’s weight in lead…

Last time I taught at the school I graduated from I stopped by the SGI lab that you had to call security to get into and had 02s and an octane(I graduated in 99). Apparently they didn’t use them anymore so they were all stacked in the corner on the floor. I laugh at the hoops we had to go through to get in because they were worried someone would steal them back then, and they apparently would have been happy if someone took them at that point.