where oh where should i go... need advice

Hi everyone, My name is Johandré ( Joe in short ), im new to the Forum and need some advice.

So i don’t know if this topic has been discussed already and im sorry if it has, but here is my story. Im a Industrial Design student who are finishing my Bachelor’s degree at the end of the year. I didn’t specialize in a specific direction, meaning im a generalist ( i know a bit of just about everything haha ) and being a generalist i have the ability to learn fairly quickly to new methods and processes.

so to get to my actual question. Im currently living in Cape Town, South-Africa and im looking to broaden my horizon. I am open and eager to get out in the world and pursue my passion in a Industrial Designing career. The question is where do i go ?? where is the ideal place or country rather to be an industrial designer with lovely living conditions ?

I am looking forward hearing what everyone has to say

Hi Johandre. Welcome to the boards.

It’s a great start to be open and to realize that there is a lot out there to experience and learn.
While being a generalist is a good way to keep your options open, it also makes it more difficult for you to know where to go.

Personally, I don’t think it is so much about a geographical place as much more an environment that inspires you and your work.
This could literally be almost anywhere.

My advice would be to list your favorite designs and find out where they were designed and made. Then go there as an intern or junior designer and learn what you can. This might take you to Germany for cars, Scandinavia for furniture or China for Consumer electronics. Whatever inspires you.

Good luck!