Where is Travisimo's avitar?

And when is it coming back?


I had a moment of weakness and thought I shouldn’t look like a cantankerous old Frenchman, but maybe it’s accurate :wink:.

Back, or at least til I come up with something better. Thanks for the prodding guys


p.s. The emoticons on this site suck.

I used to hate looking at that avatar, but as I’ve grown to know Travis over the years through the forum, I can’t imagine anything else for you…

I probably shouldn’t give it away if you aren’t familiar with it…

it’s a knarly portrait of Gainsbourg, an ugly but amazingly creative french trainwreck and one of the most talented musicians the country’s produced. I was going through a ‘thing’ when I posted it and and had that kind of guy as my inspiration for a time…

“Je t’aime… moi non plus”

What I love about the core forums is I often forget that there are so many regular posters from all over the world, it’s pretty cool.

And speaking of avatars… … . someone’s is conspicuously absent. :wink: