Where is the Fashion Capital and Where is it Going?

Hi, I’m writing a thesis on the subject “Business Trends in the Fashion Industry.” I ran into some trouble with the research, I hope somebody could help me out. The primary questions I would like to get your input on are:

  • What is the current state of the fashion industry in Italy, France, Europe? Is the business declining?
  • Milan, Paris, and London appear to be the fashion capitals most referenced. What are they known for, and are there other capitals / upcoming markets?
  • What effect has the emergence of China on the fashion industry in Europe?
  • What cities would you recommend students study fashion design, why? Any particular premier schools?
  • What influence does Italy have on the fashion industry?
  • What will the fashion industry in Italy, France and UK look like in 5-10 years?

    I would really appreciate you response to my research, it would help tremendously.

have you tried the Lexus-Nexus databases?