where is my Rhino/T-Splines pees at!! (HELP)

hello all fellow ID and fellow CAD monkeys,

i need your help on using Tsplines. i am fairly new so i am turning to my favorite site Core77.com for help. please check out the pics. i am trying to make a smooth gradual surface in the highlighted/circled area but i cant manage getting the verts to line up… any advice would be awesome.

thank you kindly in adv.

i am actually trying to figure out what you are trying to do?!
maybe someone else can give you a quick help but it might be more helpful if you could show us a sketch or something where we can see what you are trying to achieve in the end

anyway. if you are trying to smooth one area surface, what most of the time helped me was to get the iso-splines off the surface, like 3 or 4 vertical and horzontal and then correct them the way i want them to be and eventually create a new surface by using curvenetwork ( i am using the german version, hope you know what function I mean)

good luck

thank you for replying.

i am trying to make a smooth surface (even surface). sadly, i dont speak German…

more help needed pls.

thank you.

It’s hard to help because we know very little of what your intent is with this model, but I’ll pitch in with some general help. T-Splines is great, because it allows you to work really low-level, which means you can fix anything (well almost)

I suggest you make your model first just with the big surfaces, and make sure all of the vertices are lining up and are looking good. You can move them around at your leisure in T-Splines. And then once that’s done, you can try doing the smaller blends that tie everything together.

So in the end, try to break it down I suppose is the key here. Methodically work towards the final model, don’t try to put every single blend and fillet in right away because you’ll either get stuck or it’ll become a whole lot harder :slight_smile: