where is everyone?

this is a super slow post section.

Why aren’t there more people interested in talking about furniture design?

they all went broke trying to make and sell super expensive design furniture and can’t pay for internet billsssssssss. :frowning:

Frankly I have been wondering myself why people dont really seem to be open to a healthy interaction considering it is an integral part of our lives

So, what’s on your mind?

For some reason, this room stays too quiet.

What do you want to talk about? I’ll definately add to the discussion…

if this forum was renamed architecture, interiors, furniture, display then there would probably be more posts because these fields feed on each other and are usually combined in many aspects.
there’s also a traditional sense of corelation like bauhaus and moderns. even contemprary architects often do furniture and other decor|function objects like lighting but usually people go and post in general discussions for other things.

just a thought!

i like alot of the conceptual furniture coming out of the netherlands.
for example jurgen bey has awesome ideas and well executed projects.

there are really no id programs in my city so i am always looking for people to collaborate with.

what are some of the works coming out of the people on this post.

Dutch design is very hot right now. I like a lot of it. A personal favorite is Bertjan Pot.

Seems like everyone is looking for co-collaborators these days. Even me. I’m in the heart of the old ‘furniture country’ (North Carolina) but the designers here are either too busy to collaborate or won’t have anything to do with young designers.

Click the “www” button below / for my personal site. I don’t have much recent stuff on there, though.

it’s neocon/market/obscure furniture tradeshow crunch time.

gotta work.

Dutch design has stood out since Droog started up. It doesn’t hurt that the Dutch government is very pro-active in promoting design in the Netherlands through stipends and grants. When the constraints of having to earn a living are supplimented by grants then one can afford to experiment. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the work of these guys. Particularly Jurgen Bey, Hella Jongerius. But it seems ephemeral. Remember Tord Boontji’s mylar “Wednesday Lamps?”

I dont know wny nobody posts anything about furniture…because its all happeneing…the Milan Salone del MObile was last week and there was a fair bit of really good furniture design and design in general everywhere. Basically it is a trade fair, citywhere all the companies present their products, buyers make orders and designers check out their work and make new contacts. There is the salone satellite, an high profile platform for young designers to present their work…and then there are design events, parties exhibitions all over the city. Usually Milan is a bit grey…but for one week in April it is ground zero for creativity.

Diabolik, check the new thread on Milan - I thought the topic deserved a more prominent place here.