where is everyone?

what happened to the bit of activity this forum used to have? Isnt anyone fucking off at work anymore?

Just been super busy lately… you know the cyclical nature of this business.

It seems like people is working like robots!!!

I’d like to post new stuff soon, but I don’t have the time to develope things…my Seagull needs to do the final step, I have to finish the shoe for upcoming KG contest and I’m very late…daaamn


Hell I quit my job and I’ve never been busier.

Well, I’m still here.
At some point I think I vowed to post some of my (non-work related) work. I decided to curb my critiquing until after I had put something out here. I guess I jinxed myself.
I haven’t done any work for myself in a long time. I got nothin’.
It’s been the same at work, too. I spent most of the day today losing concentration and ultimately driving myself nuts. I need a little vacation to recharge. Its just been outsole after outsole after outsole for a long time now. I think I have, uh, 5 different molds in development right now. I’m not going back to China until mid December, and I still have 3 more soles to start before then that have not seen sketch one!
One very positive thing thats taking up the rest of my time: after several years of sacrificing for my young family, I’m finally making some personal space for myself. I have a 2.5 car detached garage being built behind my house with a beautiful 350 square foot studio upstairs! Its almost done, and I am very excited to make a big mess and not have to clean it up off of the dining room table before dinner. Once it is finished, I think that will be a perfect time to take a vacation.

mmjohns: same here! ever since i quit my job it seems like my day lasts 3 hours!!

I’m so busy now, I don’t even have time to sleep!

been a bad past 2 weeks…still trying to get back to normal…

just not enough hrs in the day…

this week everyone is going out to china, I am still gonna be around (school), but is gonna be kinda slow at work…


bad busy month. Anybody do any other softgoods besides shoes? Just fishing.

I just finished up some bags…

I’m in Saigon making plush slippers - does that count as other soft goods? :laughing:

jiggy, did you ever get your shoes from mobus?

…i’m here, busy.

i got an email on 9/27 saying they were sending out the mass mailing to the US but nothing yet. They were also suppossed to put my shoe into production…havent heard back from them on that yet either. But I did get an appt to the Nike ID Soho Studio next week… :slight_smile: