where in Tokyo

Anybody knows cool places in Tokyo to see products (shoes and sandals) and young people?


Harajuku-take Shibuya station: for the up to date street style.

Roppongi-for the more high ended fashions

ditto… Harajuku market is a labyrinthe of small back streets with some awesome finds if you re lucky… Shibuya and Ueno are also pretty good but more mainstream, one big store kinda footlock ish - 123 shoes sometimes has some good bits. Watch out for prices though no real difference to those in europe, but id say more pricey than the US. One real find is chapterworld on the edge of Harajuku just by the bridge, tiny place but some sweet hook ups… If you re sample size you ll be in heaven.
Good luck, oh and one more thing, the subway is a nightmare try to find a guy who speaks english (not alot of them) to help you buy a ticket, its cheaper to get a full day one but they can be bought per journey… Have a good one!!

thanks for all information; they will be me useful in next week …