where does the road lead to?

Dear All

Hi. I am a 25 year old jewelry designer from India. I am currently working with the best company in my field in India and it is going superby fantastic…

well but after a point one comes to a point where one starts thinking of what next… is this what will be forever … maybe i need a change of place… so here i am thinking about maybe reloacting out of India maybe for a job… my prefrence is europe first cause i love history and culture and travelling and writing and getting inspired by it and so would want a p[lace with its own identity… US is cool too for obvious reasons…

what i mostly really wanted to know was that well how many people do you know who have been able to make this transition… and more importantly once you have made this transition how far can you go, provided that your work and working style is impeccable and better than required. does matters like foreign natonality or in plainer coarser terms racism come into play and affect negatively…

anyways. if one has any viwpoints then i sure would love to hear about it. please do feel free to write in…


In my experience that sort of transition needn’t be a trauma.
It will develop your career in many ways, I think change is essentially good If you don’t want to end up under that impression of “is this going to be like this forever?”, If you don’t change and refocus, you might well loose your edge, which is always dangerous.
I think that as long as your English is good, and your design skills are sharp, racism shouldn’t play a role in the story, especially in cities with a tradition for inmigration such as London (especially for Indian people), Milano… both Italy and UK have nice jewellery brands which would surely find your experience valuable.

I agree, there will always be some sort of prejudice more hurtful than some. But if you have talent and you have a good command of the English language, race is usually overlooked. If you rely on the things you know and believe in your talents, you won’t have a problem.

You’d better plan on locating as soon as you can, especially if you don’t plan on settling down, getting married, having kids, no obligations etc… it’s easier if your single because getting a working visa is another challenge. But taking risks at this age is the best time.

Also, funny how at 25 we all ask ourselves these questions and we’ve all been there. See the link (it’s American, but I think this angst is universally recognized).


Good Luck!


thank you for your replies. I do agree that if in the end you are good no obstacle is great enough and you shall succeed. i have personally also in my two and half years of work faced enough prejudice and bias but thanks to Gods grace have been able to today achieve a position which is successful and enviable maybe to some…

so i realise the importance of Self.

well i dont know if it is an universal phenomena or just me but yeah i do think I am passing through a phase wher it is not satisfying…

hopefully there will be light soon enough for me…


" thanks to Gods grace have been able to today achieve a position which is successful and enviable maybe to some…"

“hopefully there will be light soon enough for me…”

Oh poor you.

First off, I want to wish you luck. You’re obviously considering a major change, and that’s brave of you (and healthy!). Second, you know, every place potentially does and doesn’t have its own identity; you’re not limited to Europe or the U.S. for that reason (of course, you may have other reasons for your preferences). Third, a creative professional owes it to him or herself to be a genuinely interesting and interested person; that part of what makes your work strong. So, I think that moving to another part of the world would give an edge because you would bring your own cultural influences to your work there, something which native designers wouldn’t have. At the same time, you mentioned a concern with racism. Well, that’s an unfortunate fact of life, and you mentioned that you’ve already dealt with it. It’s not something that should keep you from going. In general, gravitating toward large, diverse cities would probably minimize that (thought not eliminate it). Anyway, good luck.