Where do you guys get your business cards?

I’m looking to get a run of a couple hundred printed, and I found the most popular sites are vistaprint/moo, but I’d rather do something that has a more unique look/feel to it. Maybe with raised ink, or printed on linen paper. Something subtle, but a little bit more than just a flat card. Does anyone have an recommendations of good places to find something like this? thanks!

Find a good local printer. Online stuff is all stock garbage.


s’what I figured, but I just wanted to check. I think I’ll be able to find something good once I get back to Cincinnati, there’s a rich printing history there and plenty of local shops.

I use vistaprint because they’re one of the only online business card printers with decent stock weight. I upload my own design and can have them made in small batches at a decent price.


I use vistaprint because they’re one of the only online business card printers with decent stock weight. I upload my own design and can have them made in small batches at a decent price.


We use a local printer, that the company has dealt with at least
30 years. It might cost a few bucks more, but the service is worth


Go local, or go with Moo.com

I was very skeptical they would turn out like crap, but they are very very nice quality. You can chose from templates or design your own. And upload the images.

Not even. It all depends on how fancy you want to get. For a basic business card, don’t touch Vistaprints. Go with either Printplace or 48 hour print. I can personally vouche for them as they have the best VALUE and the quality is good and the stock is thick and durable. Depending on your quantity though you may get them digitally printed so if you can up the amount then you will get a better quality offset printed version.

For something a little nicer, try UVcards.com. I got my last cards from them and they were very nice and I only paid $80 for 500 and they were silk laminated (way nicer than a ‘matte/satin finish’) with spot UV (basically my card was a matte black with glossy black logo on one side). They even have foil stamping so I would definitely recommend them for nicer card.

You can always look online for a local printer and before you print anything keep in mind that the design of your card is going to talk for you in some cases. So be very careful in the way you do it and try to be very clear on what you want to display and do with it.
HOPE THIS HELPS!!! :slight_smile:

I am looking to print a small batch of cards with raised text on transparent or translucent plastic, preferably PET.
If anyone has recommendations let me know!

I received a sample pack from Moo and I know alot of people who have ordered from there, the quality was really good and there were alot of options to choose from (including designing your own and being able to choose weight, paper, etc.)

I used vista print initially but since have made friends with a local shop :slight_smile:

I keep my pretty simple, but that is the look I’m going for… though my printer still thinks they are fancier than 90% of the other cards he does… I guess it is all relative. I kept it black and white, but gloss white with black type one side, matte black with a ghosted logo on the other, 4 rounded corners, but standard size (I loath non standard size biz cards for some reason :slight_smile: )

I was able to do the same design through vista pint (carefully selecting options), but the ink just gets smudgy with time in a way the local shop’s didn’t. Same with my stickers. I initially used an online service. Quality was crap. Then went to a local shop and am much happier.

I recently did one order with premium paper at a German online print shop.
The paper is nice but colors did not come out very richly and with a jagged cut on one side.
For another company the UV spot coat works great but again, not cut neatly, and black came out too faded even with a 97% K setting.
As said before, highly recommended to avoid online shops and go with a local printer.
If you have multiple printing assignments it is a good idea to lease a printer too, adding good experience to your record and saving cost.

A lot changes in 6 years (since my last comment).

MOO I think now is the way to go, unless you are doing something really custom (die cuts, laser etching, etc.). They offer everything from duplex stock to spot UV/foils, emboss and a range of stock and ability to upload all your art. Better yet, they offer multiple products, so it’s possible to do a suite of corp ID with stickers, cards, postcards, etc.

I’ve been using them for a range of projects both personal and professional and they are miles ahead of anyone else online I’ve seen and better or equal to most local digital print shops (maybe unless they have an HP Indigo printer, which few do).

Also, typical of DTC online companies these days they have amazing customer service (online chat, quick response by email, and will make everything good).


I’ll have to give MOO another shot. Ironically the local printer I went with is also an online shop… they just happen to be in San Diego so I can pop over and look at a proof and then pick up everything when done. :slight_smile: