Where do you go?

ufo’s post has sparked my curiousity. Where does everyone go to get their weekly, daily, hourly fix of automobilia?

I go to a bunch of sources:

  1. Web: I visit Canadiandriver.com daily. Not only because I live in Canada, but I find this site to be just about the best car magazine in print or on the web. They have great test drives plus car-culture and technology articles. Great site!

Another that I love is autozine.org. It seems to be 100% written by a guy from Hong Kong, at least from the mistakes the guy makes in his writing. I like how this guy really gives his opinions, even if I’m not sure he actually drives all the cars he posts articles on.

Randomly, I will visit cardesign.com and autoweek.com. I just browse through the news on Autoweek. It often has something that slipped under other’s radar.

  1. Periodicals. I subscribe to Road & Track only. I find its the best written American car mag. Plus, their chief editor is from Wisconsin.

I pick up, occasionally, Car from the UK (although after its most recent facelift, it’s really sucked), Autocar, Antique and Classic Car (UK), Automobile Historique (French) and another french magazine that I forgot the name of. Of these, I highly recommend Autocar, after all, it is the world’s first automobile magazine (1896 I think).

  1. Books. I love old car books. If I could be god emperor of the transportation forum, I would insist everyone read everything by LJK Setright before posting anything here. Of course, that would limit the discourse even more than registration.

What does everyone else store in their closet? I’m especially curious about Yo and lmo!

I prefer Automobile mag.

They usually have a nice design analysis section in each issue.

motor trend road & track car design news auto week vette corvette fever ect…



Auto & Design magazine
and automobile magazine because I like the sarcastic writing.

Good Question!!

while I might not get too much TV in my media diet, Magazines are my definitely my chrystal meth of input.

last year I had subscriptions to:
Hot Rod
Super Chevy
Popular Hotrodding
Hemmings muscle machines
Car and Driver
Sports Car Market
Off Road Adventures
Diesel Progress
Petersons 4-Wheel and off road
and I think that was it for annual subs

Yes, I should be sent to the mental hospital for that many Auto Magazines. That doesent even include my other Random rags.

I did pick up a few at the grocery store. Classic Motorsports, Bimmer, MPH, R & T, Turbo, and I am sure others I have forgotten.

However some of the BEST mags I have read are not on the newsstand.

First is Healey Marque which used to be named “Chatter”
and second is AUTO Restorer. www.autorestorermagazine.com

Auto Restorer is absolutely one of the best reads because of the depth of the articals. The Authors do a tremendous amout of research. Each artical on the history and background about “Why” a Vehical even made it to production is great. This month for example is the 1975 Honda civic cvcc. I never knew CVCC stood for Compound Vortex Combustion Chamber (Who Would?) The editor made some great points that while muscle cars are hot right now, many 80’s japanest cars will be very collectable in the near future. He even sums up his editorial with a question. " I wonder who will be the first person to restore a vintage Chinese vehical.

It must be said, having the freshest information is great, but knowing history about the product is why experts are around.

Personally I happen to love both Veryron or vintage.

Books, almost forgot.

"The Century of The CAR 1885-1985 by andrew whyte and Jackie Stewart

kind of a musty read, but nice for the info on the men behind the vehicals

And recent read “The Ultimate History of Fast Cars” By Jonathon Wood

General rehash of magazine info.

wow, can’t believe NO ONE has mentioned www.thecarconnection.com

New spy shots every day!!

And, of course, cardesignnews.com. I’m going to bite the bullet and just get a membership. It’s worth it.

Any book with Sir Jackie Stewart as an author must be worth adding to the collection.

White collar: true, car connection is great for spy shots. Whenever I read in a forum “oh I saw this or that”, I take a look over there.

Where does everyone go to get their weekly, daily, hourly fix of automobilia?

you guys gotta get outta the office … doesn’t anyone just go for a drive anymore… … . . …

Lmo: It was winter until this weekend. Let me paint a picture: icy roads, snow tyres fitted on 14" steel rims, no possibility of opening a window, a slightly weird smell that only appears in winter. Why would I want to drive?

Now…next weekend, I’m putting the 16" alloys back on, waxing the car up and will undoubtedly be in the mood to ride.