Where do I find architectural figure/people sources?

I’ve been having a tough time tracking down sets/libraries of people and figures that can be used in Architectural drawings. Do these exist?

I usually just make outline drawings, scale them and them plop them in, but is it possible to find libraries (like fonts) of these figures that are in scale?
(figures, cars, babystrollers, kids playing, trees etc?)
I’m an exhibit/industrial designer and not an architect so sorry if this might be common knowledge. :blush:

Thanks again

You might want to do a search on google for this. I’ve seen CDs for sale that have what you’re looking for. Here are a couple links I had bookmarked…



Thanks for the tips they’re exactly the kind of thing I was looking for!
I tried google but didn’t get very far with the terms I was entering as search criteria. “people figure libraries architectural drawings”
I’ll make sure to use Autocad as a keyword. :slight_smile: