where can you find cell phone components?

I am working on a project that involves the design of a cellular phone, but I am having alot of trouble finding manufacturers and distributors of the general components for cell phones.

I want to find out what parts are typically bought ‘stock’ and what is usually designed as a custom part. Beyond that, I would like to know what companies are known for building/prototyping cellular phone components.

My search includes, but is not limited to:
screens, keypads, batteries, antenas, hinges, etc.

PLEASE PLEASE, help. Any lead is better than where I am now…Thanks!

Try the Sprint store, people are always bringing in junk phones, phones that got dropped in lakes, toilets, etc.

My old boss returned his broken Treo and demanded a new one about once a month. They must have a pile of those laying around.

Thanks for that tip - I have already tapped into the “box-o-broken phones” at some local stores. But now I am looking for real OEM companies that focus on this sort of thing…a few weblinks for that kind of place would be key.

Do a search on google, can’t be that hard. I can guarantee that they are all going to be in China or Taiwan.

You might want to call Motorola and tell them what you’re doing, they are the only real player here in the US. All the others are in Japan, Korea, or Scandinavia