where can i study urban design?

Hi, i´m finishing my industrial design carreer (5 years and i only have 6 months left) in Cali, Colombia, South America, and I want to study something about urban design so bad! but not as an architect but as an industrial design and thats the hard Posdesgree program to find.
I want something where i can work with urban furniture, urban experiences, urban and public spaces, culture and people…

So if any of you guys know a great school to go to and a great program please let me know (i´ve heard about ELISAVA in spain and it looks great, but I want to have some more options).

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Harvard has an excellent program in urban design.

Thanks for the advice, I´ll have to check it out.

Please keep posting your comments, is there any excelente university with a good urban design (mostly for industrial designers) but not too expensive??? :unamused:

check out this site – http://www.archinect.com – it’s like core for architects, so you’ll get better responses there.

in a city…