Where can I order a custom-made plastic bag sample?

I am looking for where to make a plastic bag with my own design for my school project. I need a clear plastic bag with 24"/20"/10" measurements. I need a very thick plastic with possibly a zipper and my logo on it. All the companies in NY Im asking about propose me to make 5 000 bags minimum at once. There is no possible way to make a sample of my bag before I put the order, unless I leave them a big deposit. Well, Im just a student and can’t really afford it. So maybe someone could help me to find the answer? I would be glad for any information you can provide

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I second Keno. You can find all thicknesses of plastic sheets at hardware stores. Normally only clear or black color though.

Try Associated bag to see if they have a stock bag close enough that you can modify for your needs,

For a purely custom bag, get the film and a roller sealer. Sealer will run you $150-$200.

I may be able to help you. I do soft goods prototypes.