Where can I find .vismat materials for Vray for Rhino


Is there any online source for .vismat materials? I’ve found a web site for vray materials but they are .mat type. I downloaded a mat to vismat converter but it didn’t work. I’ve also found .vismat materials but they’re for sketchup software.

Help please

asgvis.com join and become a member and there is a material library although its very small…

2nd option is download vray mats for 3ds max and convert them to vismats but you need both programs and a converter which they have at asgvis.com

I’ve downloaded some .vismat materials but I could not manage to apply them. Is there anything that I do wrong? The process I follow is: scene materials > import new material > open a . vismat file ? When I click “Update Preview” the ball becomes black. Should I do additional tasks?

Thank You

you most likely just need to go into the Vray material settings and make sure all the appropriate maps are linking to the file in the correct location. When you double click on the big "M"s and go to apply the maps they may look like they are already mapped as the file name shows up, but you should double click the file in it’s current location on your computer to actual apply it.

If this doesn’t make sense I can follow up with more later.

There are 3 files in the meterial directories. 1- vismat 2- jpeg for diffuse 3- jpeg for bump (or reflection)

I follow these steps:

A. scene meterials > import new meterial > open vismat file

B. diffuse > click m > click m (in the bitmap box) > open the related jpeg file

C. maps > check bump > click m> click m (in the bitmap box) > open the related jpeg file

but still does not work

hmmm… sounds like you’re doing the steps, I just downloaded a lightbrownhardwood floor file from the asgvis site to test and worked fine doing basically the same steps you mentioned (it had one more jpeg for reflection but that wouldn’t matter). Could it be the vismat file its self?

sorry I couldn’t be more help

I think that site could be useful: http://www.material-db.com
It’s a new platform for sharing materials such as vismat, lxp and a few more.

- YouTube


The number of free materials just jumped a lot recently, so check through some of the posts to find out where they are currently located.

There is also plenty of advice on how to properly copy the materials so that Vray will find them.