Where can I find fonts?

I have been trying to find so-called designer fonts for my mac for some time now. Such as Frutiger, Avantgarde, Futura, etc. I just have no real idea where I can download or buy them. I already checked some websites that offer fonts for mac but of course I couldn’t find the ones I was after. Other places I checked only offer fonts for PCs. Most people I know who have zillions of fonts use PCs of course!

Does anyone know where I can get these fonts from? I’m from Germany but I hope this won’t stop you from giving me some hints anyways…? Thanks!

Here’s a crazy suggestion…buy them you cheap bastard!!!

Here are some other good sites:


Do a search on google for free mac fonts and you will find more. You can always try the torrent sites and see if there are some free font packages.

Well. thanks for your comment! I very much appreciated it! I suggest you put on your reading glasses! I did write I’m willing to buy them. So far I’ve just found one package that costs as much as a brand new top of the range PowerBook! Maybe I should apologize for being a student and being glad I can just about afford one PowerBook!

dosen’t your school have them?

You can convert PC fonts to Mac (and vice versa) using a program like Fontographer.

hey german, check out adobe.com, veer.com and youworkforthem.com all have excellent collections of usable fonts unlike those crappy free sites.

Thanks for your help! Will check out those sites you mentioned.

My shoool has some but not that many. Let’s put it this way, sometimes none of hem seem to fit my needs.