Where can I find abstracts from past IDSA events?

Are these available somewhere? I checked the IDSA site and can find bits about the schedules of past conferences but not much on papers.

Hi Jesse, just saw your post and I thought I’d let you know that what you might be looking for is on the IDSA site:

I assume that from the homepage you saw the link to the Education Papers Gallery:

Also, you probably saw that if you click on “Events” at the top of the page and then “more…” at the bottom of the left Conferences column, you’ll come to the IDSA Conference Gallery where you can see the conference programs back through 2010:

However, there is also a video gallery (also available from the homepage), largely built from footage shot from the last several years of conferences:

Some of the videos are free for anyone to watch, others are available to IDSA members only.

What I am hoping will happen is that you will be able to drill down to a conference you attended (or missed) a few years ago and then link directly to the videos captured from that event. I believe they’re working on that, but for right now if you find a video you like, click on the tag at the bottom of the page that relates to other video (e.g., 2012nevideo) and that will take you to a listing of all the videos captured from that event. For example, there are 27 video clips from last year’s Northeast District Conference in Philadelphia:

What isn’t typically available are the actual presentation files or papers from those sessions. It’s hard enough to get the speakers to allow IDSA to use their presentations on video, it’s even harder to persuade them to give up their PowerPoints for upload.

Hopefully this will help you to get a better understanding of what happens at the conferences. Of course there’s more than what is shown on video, but you’ll have to attend one to discover that for yourself.

Cheers, w

Hey Warren - that first link is exactly what I was looking for! I totally didn’t see it on the home page. must be blind. Thanks!

Also, regarding powerpoints (which isn’t what I was actually looking for) I noticed that at midwestern last year, many of the speakers shared download link URLs with us. This year at western, none did. I’m going to ask for links personally, but it seems weird that they wouldn’t want to share. (assuming that there was no tricky IP involved)

Thanks again!