Where can I buy yellow foam/ foam core?

Where can I find this stuff? The Home Depot people never heard of the stuff, where can I find it?

yellow foam…try hobby stores.
foamcore …in any art supply store.


Try McMaster Carr - 2" 10lb Urethane Foam 24x48" PN#3152T52

I use a product called Balsa Foam fro Dick Blick Art Supplies. Great for designing forms for small (or large molds).

Good Luck!
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the place is in Tacoma Washington you can buy it in 4x8 sheets in pretty much any thickness and/or density…it’s urethane foam commonly also used to shape surfboards…i’ve acutualy built full size car models out of the stuff however…been away from prototype projects and don’t have old records…maybe the name was General Plastics…do some search work,but
that is the place…spent a lot of green with them and they always came thru…good luck

The name is General Plastics. Located in Tacoma Washington. Students with a valid ID can get scaps for free. And they are very helpful. The stuff comes in multiple sizes and densities.