Where can I buy higher quality lighting components?

Hello designers,

I have designed and prototyped a lampshade that I plan to start selling as a ceiling lamp set.
I don’t want to worry about (or pay for) UL approval, and so I want to buy an off-the-shelf lamp cord set and include it with my product.
Ikea sells a lamp cord set that has a plug at the end:

Ideally, I’m looking for a set that has a ceiling canopy included, I found this type while doing a google search:

This one looks okay, but I was wondering if anyone has a good North American source for higher quality lighting components, such as lamp cord sets, ceiling canopies etc.
The parts available in hardware stores are really cheap looking and ugly, but there must be nice stuff out there somewhere?
I’m located in Toronto, Canada.

Thanks very much for your help!

There have been several “lamp part” discussions in the past, so you might have some luck if you try a search of this forum.

“Forum Search” is located at the upper right corner above this text entry window (with a magnifying glass next to it). If you use the “search” at the very top right hand of the page it will search the entire website (usually TMI).

Thanks LMO,
I did another forum search and found a similar thread in the furniture sub-forum (had previously only searched in this one and the general discussion forum):

Grand Brass seems like a good source for some components. If anyone can recommend another supplier (maybe specifically for fabric covered cord kits with lamp holder), I would appreciate it!