Where are you studying this fall?

I’m starting my first term at Art Center in September. I was lucky enough to get into all my schools, thanks in part to the people of this forum.

I’m wondering where everyone else is heading off to?

Ill be heading up to Providence to attend RISD this fall for “art boot camp”. I’m saying goodbye to sleep and free time apparently.

AAU :smiling_imp:

I’m going to UC starting their program in industrial design transportation track. Transferring after a year at RISD. Are there anyone else?

what made you want to transfer away from risd? I would assume the lack of a more technical curriculum if you going into the transportation track at UC but just wondering what you other thoughts are. Its interesting because I couldn’t decide between risd and UC

I’m starting my junior year at BYU up here in the rockies… I’ll be taking a studio class, a trans class (for fun/sketching practice), a graphic design class, and a design-business type class…

UC has a TERRIFIC program, especially with their integrated coop program. If you are considering the transportation track for ID, RISD doesn’t even have this. In my humble opinion, from what I have seen of both the work and the end products of kids, I would pick UC over RISD for ID anytime.

In addition, the UC tuition, room and board differential from that of RISD would be between $13000 per year for our of state students to over $23,000 per year for instate tuition, not even counting the Cincinnatus Scholarship that most good students get.Consequently, UC is a lot cheaper than RISD.

More compelling,however, is that IT IS POSSIBLE with proper advanced planning to eventually get in state tuition at UC starting with the second or third year,which makes their tuition a REAL STEAL compared to RISD,which gives you no breaks in tuition. Frankly, I think kids are crazy picking RISD over UC for design.