where are the retail designers?

What kind of designers work for retail clients?
In what companies do they work?

I actually work for a company that does retail design. I am a Graphic Designer and I do a wide range of stuff. We do in store signage, packaging, POP, brochures. There are also some industrial designers that actually do a lot of rendering and designing displays.

I currently work in retail design, we cover a lot of ground.

Its is little ID, a little marketing, a little advertising.

Some projects might involve designing a new store interior and you will create the fixtures, furniture, lighting schemes, graphics, audio, interactive experiences, etc to make the store work.

Other projects are for things like mobile marketing campaigns where we will design the experience contained in an 18-wheeler. We also do traditional exhibits that go to trade shows, car shows, etc.

We do a lot of 3D modeling and rendering, sketching if time allows to try and work out the shape of something. The work is generally very fast paced and you are working under tiny budgets. Its one of those industries where the manufacturing of fixtures has for the most part gone to China so cost and speed is everything.

POP is a totally different gig as far as I’m concerned. They tend to do a lot more in terms of temporary displays built out of cardboard and other cheap materials. Walmart and its ilk use a lot of POP, as does Hallmark and other stores that have high turnover and need displays for promotions and holidays that are short lived.

Doing trade shows and car shows is probably the most exciting if you can get with a good company. ExhibitWorks is one of the big ones. Look online and you will find others.

I work for M&M\Mars. We do lots of things from conceptual packaging to 3D models. It allows me to be a little more flexable and really use my creativity. Its a great company and not to mention free candy.