Where are the Pilot Hi-Tec-C???

Where can I get some Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pens. I’m in Chicago, and I’ve tried Dick Blick, Utrect, Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

Any other suggestions other than ordering them online?

Not sure if Chicago has any, but try checking out some Japanese Bookstores/Stationary stores. That’s where I have been able to find them in the past.

Why are you against ordering online? Jetpens is cheap, fast, and reliable. Been using them for years. Even does bulk orders, too.

Oh no, I’m not against shipping. They’re a gift and I need them asap. I was hoping to avoid paying for fast shipping by finding something around town. It’s looking like I’ll just pay up for shipping. I would probably spend that much in gas and parking while running around town anyways.

Sain: have you come across any Japanese stores in Chicago? I’d love to check out something like that.

Try Staples…I think the G-Tech C4 Pens are the same. Awesome pens I might add! :wink:


The G-Tec-C4 pen is as far as I understand the name used for the Hi-Tec-C in certain markets. Here in Europe the G-Tec-C4 is quite common and easy enough to get (I haven’t even seen the Hi-Tec-C for sale here) and I can confirm that they it also work great with alcohol based markers, no bleeding.

arg. i wish I would have seen this a few days ago.
You can get the Hi Tec Cs (red, blue, dark blue and black in 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5) at Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights.

When you walk in take a left into the bookstore and they are in the isle near the register.
Go there hungry, the food is awesome. Oh, and don’t buy em all, save some for me!

beaten to the punch, Mitsuwa is the place! There use to be a dope toy store in there too, but it moved down the street and from what I hear it got sorta whack. You might look or call up Pearl on Chicago ave. (and 2nd maybe?) Right where Chicago and the brown line meet (66 bus and brown line if you will).

Thanks, I’ll check out Mitsuwa. It’s conveniently on my way home from work.

I have bad news… Pearl closed about a year ago. The best art supply store downtown IMHO.


Wow, that really sucks, Pearl was in a nice spot to. I guess it would be that nice location that was its undoing.

Pilot does not officially import them due to a patent infringement issue in the USA. Small specialty Japanese retailers are the only way to go. Jetpens is good and if you live near the coasts, Kinokuniya or Maido is a good place to find them.

I want colored pilot hi tec C pens but they’re expensive, so i stick to gel pens.