Where are some good human anatomy figure drawing NYC?

I am really interested in perfecting my craft and would like to know of some good places in the nyc area that offer good, “Human Anatomy” figure drawing classes. I was thinking FIT, School of visual Arts, Pratt etc but want the best instructor for my money (being that i cant afford to go from place to place). Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated. So name away at some courses that would best suit my needs. Thanks in advance

FIT will be the cheapest by FAR and you will get college credit if that matters (Pratt, Parsons, and SVA offer conuing ed courses that are not accredited as well as accredited classes for a lot more money). You could also go to the Art Students League. There you can pretty much find something to fit your schedule no matter what, and you can commit to however many days you want.

i say go to pratt. im abiased however and really do look down on parsons grads, but loathe sva grads. seriously though pratt’s foundation year, where you take the figure is second to none. if you cant perfect your skill here then you wont anywhere. the professors are absolutely amazing, especially this guy named doug whirls. he is the head of the drawing dept and will attempt to bring yo to tears day in and day out, but you learn and you come out on top becasue of it.

if you dont want to pay so much cash, i know that tuesday and thruday ngihts they have open drawing where a few dollars donation is all that is required, and i believe they also do that on saturday afternoons. go to these a few times a month, watch what the students are doing and practice, practice practice and you’ll be fine.

Ha! Doug is my drawing teacher right now. Yeah, he’s great… he really wants you to “get it” and pushes everyone at the level where they are working.