wher do i belong?

i’m in a huge dilemma. I left my fashion design studies(after opting for it instead of a BA in Fine arts) mid way and did a Bachelors in Journalism. After completing it i’ve applied for a masters in Fashion Communication Co-ordination. But i’m wonderin if thats what i really want to do! i would love to do a Bachelors in Fine Arts. The worst part is i’ve already missed the session for this year and can apply only for next year. i dont want to lose another year! Everybody says i should listen to my heart but it’s not sayin nethin to me!Lol. as you can see i’m thoroughly confused…Please gimme sum advice on what i could do and where i could possibly apply.

Just trying to asses what you’ve studied so far. So you did some studies at a fashion school? What School? How long before you left? Then you got a Bachelors in Journalism? What led you there?

Based on what I’ve read, it might be good to go to a full art school where you can take a foundation studies year and not declare a major for a year or so. This will allow you to explore the different departments before making a choice.

Do you know why you left the fashion program? If you kept contact with any of the professors from that program you could talk to them.

I suggest you take a minute and really think about what you want to do. Take a few steps back. When you started the fashion program what did you have in mind?
If you got the masters in Fashion Communication Co-ordination what could you do?

i left after a year n a half…with another year n a half left to complete. did journalism honors coz i left midway wen admissions were ova elsewher n my dad thot i’d be wastin time.ended up wastin mo. lol. did FD coz my elder sis did d same thing n bein artistically inclined i thot i mite like it too.

thanks for the replies.

I hope you are typing like this just to be funny…