when will it end?

Hi, I am a discouraged job-seeker…who wants to share a recent experience with you all… feel free to give me advice… will appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

last week of Sep.2005
I sent a sampler to 3 big name corp. Only one of them had a job posting.
But, anyway I sent samplers to the other 2 companies just to see what happens. By the end of week, I get an e-mail from a manager wanting to do an interview… It was from the one which did not post any job ad.
Feeling quite lucky and curious, I quickly set up an interview.

1st week of October.
I did an interview. The manager seemed to be quite interested in my work.
He was asking encouraging questions like when I can start work… and where
I live ( relocation) … at the end of interview, he says that He wants to
talk more and will call me… also he will talk to HR .

2nd week of October.
Nothing happens…
I sent a follow up e-mail.
waiting and waiting.
Towards the end of week, I get an email from him saying that
they are still doing interviews…that he will let me know when they
have selections for the first cut…

3rd week of October.
Nothing happens…
Waiting and Waiting…
On weekends, I sent an email politely asking him of my status…
Frankly, at this point, I was really not sure whether to wait more or not.

4th week of October.
No respose…

Is there hope in this situation?
Or am I just too blind to see that the game is over?

Only 5 weeks? People wait for months for an internship reply. If he wants to hire you, I bet you will have at least one more interview with him and his team.

Yeah that’s no time at all, especially at a big company. It’s best to follow up with a thank you note after the interview, then maybe a phone call if you don’t hear anything for a couple of weeks, but then drop it, it will only annoy them, they will contact you if they need you. Lots of times the hiring process can take months (like 3) to finally get an offer from a big company. Also, no need to seem desperate, so no more than one nagging phone call. Keep sending stuff out.

Yeah, a month is really nothing. Be patient, and don’t overdo the calls and emails…the last thing you want to appear is desperate. Don’t put all your eggs in this basket, either. Keep sending stuff out, and don’t get discouraged!

…odds are you will not get a job offer before you have interviewed, eye ball to eye ball, for at least 5 or 6 open positions…probability wise, it could be much more…3-4 mos between interview and an offer are not uncommon, but not generally the rule…budgets get cut…projects get canceled…open positions vaporize…so, you knocked thier socks off in an interview…you are one interview closer to finding your dream job…next!

It’s kinda like asking out girls at a bar. It’s the shot-gun theory. The more you ask, the better your chances of success. but you also don’t want to water down your requests by not making each one a personal endeavor. Act like you already have the job and are just meeting with future co-workers.
On a personal note though, I’ve had much better luck with interviews than with asking girls out. Think I’ve only had 2 interviews where I didn’t get the job, but I’ve been shot down by some hotties more than a few times. It’s still fun though.

About how many times to call- I did see a guy get hired who called the same time every week, for about 5 months. The design director liked his persistance.

It may be how he did it (same time every week) combined with good timing that helped him get into the door.

it seems to be common with biggish places, a design manager from one of the big ones looked at my stuff at the national conference, had a nice chat with me, said that i’ll be contacted. a week later an hr person called, said they were thinking…a month later she called again to tell me that they were thinking of setting up a proper interview…it’s the end of the month, so she should be calling any time now…rrrright.

Meanwhile, i interviewed with several other places and found a job.

i had very little luck with places that did have an opening advertised, all the places where I interviewed at had all of their entry level positions filled. it was more of, “oh she’s neat…let’s interview her and maybe will find her a spot.”

It took couple of months to hear about an internship once, and it took a month of pestering for one guy to say, “uhm…no, thanks.”

Why are you putting all your eggs in one basket? If there is only one design job out there then switch professions. Seriously! The only way to get laid is to play the numbers game. The only way to get a job is to play the numbers game. I’d expect a comment like that from a woman, not a man. Unless you are a woman? They don’t have the experience getting shot down the same way we do.

I am a female designer. Let me tell you it has been no cake walk. I remember knocking on door after door trying to get an offer and no luck. Oh yeah, I’m good looking by most standards so I could have used to typical hire me and let me show you what I got routine that some of my counterparts use but I didn’t. I have seen many in college that get help from boyfriends but that wasn’t my “schtick”.

I remember interviewing with this company that frequently advertises on coroflot under ID. The interview lasted for three hours. He even had the nerve to ask me if the school taught me how to talk and was surprised that i presented myself as professionally as I did. He showed me around the studio, walked me from designer to designer and told me what his expectations were for the job. However, no job offer. He chose this country dude from my graduating class for the position. Almost five years later I found out that this company tends to adverise for jobs, loves to waste people’s time with interviews and ask for samples to get free ideas. Basically, male or female doesn’t really matter these days. Unless you are interviewing with a testosterone design guy who thinks women are just an accessory in the studio rather than a real designer. Unfortunately, this type of attitude is more typical in the big companies.

Guaranteed if you ask any woman in the design bizz about her experience she will have some story to share that may not be as pleasant as the “good old boys club” where hard work and the right political connections can get you through.

You think women have it bad. You should look at us Black designers. How many of us do you see out there? You can literally count us one hand. It’s not good. Such a beautiful creative process. Hmm…I wonder what are other peoples experience.

Dear Guest,

I am black.

don’t tell me you’re a muslim too.

I am a white christian male and i found like 20 jobs. People were like your work sucks and we will loose money with your designs but you are WHITE and we are only about hiring white males no one else! They also pay me six figures so i guess life is good. So far the company has lost 10% of it’s business just because i suck but they just told me the other day “keep up the good work white boy we love you!!!”

That was one way to go with the coversation… but I don’t think it was the right one.

To the original poster, keep in mind the company you interview didn’t have an ad posted (that you could find anyway.) So, perhaps they like you and they have to make the budget work for that department. Regardless of the size of the company they can’t hire as many people as they want if they don’t have the money allocated. I mean the CEO has to keep that yacht filled with gas you know.

Now, imagine being a BLACK and JEWISH designer! Oh man …

in honor of rosa parks i will refuse to give up my painter tablet when asked!!!

I think black muslim would be the worst. Or a buddhist Mexcian.

Lenny Kravitz is a black Jewish guy, and he’s been doing interior design, and i think wants to get into ID, it’s the new thing for celebrities to try, like telling us peons who to vote for.

Cindy Crawford is doing furniture/product design now and there will be many more to follow.