When to move on?

I have recently been headhunted for a design position, and was offered the position. Very similar pay/vacation/benefits to my current position.

When I went to resign from my current employer I was offered more $ more vacation and new job title with more business responsibilities with the comment that they see VP potential in me. The company continues to grow and succeed and needs to continue to do that, they want me to be part of it, which is great. The struggle for me in declining the other offer is that the product is slightly more related to my personal interests and I keep thinking that it would be good to get more diverse experience with a different brand.

I have been at my current job for 4.5 years, the question comes down to growing with a company that you know and respects you or branching off and trying something different to gain more experience. If this is such a hard decision for me, perhaps there was something not quite right about the new offer?

You’re going down the right path. If it’s easy for you to say “No Thanks” to the better offer at your current employer, you should go to the new position. Sometimes it takes a threat to lose a good worker to get the upper management to wake up and see just how useful you really are. Since they opened up their wallet a bit, they’re willing to take a risk on you and likely appreciate what you do. Sometimes, too, it’s good to see where you stand so playing the field, so to speak, is good to know where you are in your career. Since (1) you were approached for work, and (2) you were offered a better position at your current job, that has to feel good, right?

Ultimately feeling good about what you do, and where/who you work with is just as important as compensation. If you don’t like where you work, hit the road. If you do, stick around for a while, then hit the road.

When an opportunity rises you should take it.

I don’t know how young/old you are but you never to old to learn. Curiosity is what should drive you.
Do something new. Challenge yourself. It’s easy to do the same thing over and over again…but it’s also mindlessly boring :wink:
Take the leap …if you don’t succeed you will have learned something. Go out and fail over and over again. It’s the only way to learn. Not that I am implying that you will fail. I only hope that sometimes you do.

Hey, let get us a fail topic.

I fail most of the time. Make bad decisions all day long.
And they are valuable to me. Because failing means that I am trying something new. I keep challenging myself.
Failing leads me to new insights. And those are the ones that matter…(to me)

So GO go go go :wink: do something adventurous…

Together with the comment of NURB (nice one BTW) you should now feel hyped enough to take the leap

I’m close to 30 and this is my first ‘real’ job out of college. The struggle for me is that I do really like who I work with, but don’t always feel challenged. In the new offered position I would be exposed to more manufacturing processes, new categories and a new team. The one thing that made me nervous during the interview process was that I wasn’t sure I would vibe with the team, but that could be because it would be new and where I am currently is a great work community.

I don’t see myself staying in either position for more than 2-3 years so I think about which would open up more opportunities.

Go to where your passion is. 2-3 more years into the same kind of product may get you further away from doing the kind of product you want to, even if it makes your wallet a little thicker. If you are under 30, there will be time to stack money later. Now is your time to take a risk or two.

If I were you, I would choose the new one.

4.5 years, I think, is enough for one position. On the other hand, you have showed the comany that you wanted to leave. If stay, your boss would have such impression on you, right?

I am a furnishing designer in the same age as you.

Good point.

Their opinion of you could go one of two ways.

  1. You tried to leave, you son of a bitch. You are not invited to the BBQ.

  2. What did we do wrong? We promise to treat you better, just don’t say you’re going to leave again. It hurts too much.

I decided to take the new job, you guys encouraged me to take a leap, learn new skills, and actively live my life even if it is scary and unknown. Thanks! I appreciate having this open forum for designers to share and mentor each other. What’s the saying…the money will come if you do what you love…

No problem. Best of luck. Let us know how the first few weeks go. Are you taking some time off in between? How did your current employer take it?

My current employer was pretty down and has basically opened up carte blanc…what will it take for you to stay? We want you to build with the company, etc. This has been such a stressful situation, both are great opportunities. I’m still pretty confident that the new position would be more of a challenge, but it is hard to say no to such a fantastic offer at my current job.