When to jump

I have been touring design studios for a while now, when did you decide to do the jump and go solo, what where the signs, and did it work from there?
I’ve seen a lot of cases of crashing, or slowly and painfully drowning, and i think there is little relation with the “design skills”. comments?


As a small business owner, I can tell you to the place to look is within.

There are self assesments you can do to determine how suited your personality is for going solo. There is a good book called Now, Discover Your Strengths. ISBN: 0743201140 . I recommend it. There is a one time code for an extensive on line self assesment that identifies your strengths and explains how to capitalize on them. Weaknesses only have to be mitigated to the point of not dragging you down, but you’re better off leveraging strength.

The sense of independence is awsome, but so are the nagging details that have nothing to do with your core work. There are days I WISH I had a timecard! (not many)

You should look at what it is about your previous positions you liked and didn’t like. Is something about them holding you back creatively? Do you have the desire and organization to do the other mundane tasks?

Have you considered doing freelance work to try it out?