When to do something new?

So the past week I’ve been working on revising my website, and I started wondering, at what point should I stop cleaning up and revising past projects and just start working on something new to put on my site?

I figure I should have projects that show process, design skills, and personality, but do you think it’s wise to spend a day putting together a 3 year old project for my website, or is my time better spent on working on something new and current?

P.S. The new website isn’t live. My old one is the one that’s currently up.

These are great questions and ones that I am also curious about.

I think depending on the website, it can be easier to display certain projects as “main projects” while others would be supporting / backup projects. But on things like Coroflot or Behance, you can’t play too much with the grid other than moving things up and down. Something like Windows Live Tiles with different hierarchy would be nice.

I have noticed that people with a few years experience often display their old / school work in a very condensed way, where you can tell that they did the thinking, ideation, etc. but that it only takes up 2-3 pages, and they would probably show more in person if someone was interested in the particular project.

Are you currently looking for work, or spending some time to prepare your portfolio first?

If you’re currently looking for work, I’d say a day’s investment isn’t too bad to be able to broaden your range of skills shown. However, if you have some time, then three years is quite old, particularly since you graduated just over a year ago. I would spend the time to make sure that at least one or two projects show your current skill levels.

That’s my strategy at the moment at least.

Yeah I guess I should clarify that. I am not currently looking for work, but I would like to have a place to show any personal projects I’m working on along with anything I had a hand in making at work. The idea is that it would keep my skills sharp and lower the work required if a year or two down the line I need to look for work. I’m just not sure how much effort to expend on old projects and how much to devote to new ones.