When they said they liked my folio, do they really mean it?

I am reposting here again…

I was invited for two interviews past a few months(after phone interview and all). In the interview, they told me that they were impressed with my folio
and I thought I had really good interviews. The interviewer from one of the places even told me that I would learn lots of real experience from their place(implying…I thought)… After the interviews, they responded spontaneously to my e-mail and questions. All of sudden, they don’t respond me any more, neither of them.

:unamused: I am getting confused. I am not sure how I should take this… Are they simply too busy? Should I be more patient? Or should I let it go and move on?
When they said they liked my folio, do they really mean it?
I recently graduated and try to land my first place… whole deal is confusing and I am confused…
Over there, hiring professionals? Any thought on this?

I don’t think you should feel attached to any certain opportunity. It’s like selling an used car. Whoever makes the first/best offer gets it. I say just keep looking and if they get back to you, good for you then. If not, at least you won’t feel as disappointed.

It’s entirely possible that they liked your portfolio but that you’re not the best match for the position. Maybe you were when they met you, but you’re no longer the top candidate. Perhaps they’re in negotiations with someone else, and you’re a back-up choice for the job. Or, it’s possible that they thought your portfolio was okay and were just being nice. You’re likely to not find out for sure what happened, so keep your options open and keep looking!

One thing I would say, though, is to keep in touch with these people. Update them when you’ve done a new project or placed in a design competition. Stay on good terms, and continue networking. You never know if it could lead to something down the road.

a cartain companny , told me i had the one of best portfolio’s they had ever seen from a new design graduate, and i never got the job…

I even find myself telling people i like their work when in fact i don’t. it’s just a nice easy thing to say

You don’t have to be harsh on them but being honest with candidates would be one thing you can do for them. Be confident with your self. You wouldn’t have the problem to speak out what you really were thinking if you trust yourself.

Sometimes the truth can hurt, but I think it’s better to offer suggestions as to what might need improvement. I appreciate someone telling me I’ve got spinach on my front tooth. It helps me to clean up my act and shows me they’re forthcoming. As for design, I might not like having my weaknesses pointed out, but later, when my ego is out of the way, I really appreciate the input. After all, I already know what my weaknesses are anyway, and we all have them. I just don’t want the focus to be only on the weakness. Positive feedback is just as important. Designers are sometimes hypercritical and negative. It seems a natural by product of the industry, and this hypercritical attitude can drain the fun and excitement out of design. As for following up on interviews when a designer didn’t get a particular job, I’ve heard tell of stories whereby designers went back and asked for input as to how they could improve. Sometimes it had nothing to do with their qualifications and more to do with chance networking circumstances. And as for the sincerity of a compliment, what does it ultimately matter? Your level of development is still your level of development. You must believe in yourself, your abilities, and keep pressing on. Don’t give up, and your improvement will come naturally. When you really see and acknowledge your own abilities, others will see it too. There is no magic to landing design jobs. There is only a natural deserving from ability and working to make oneself qualified. When we truly believe and feel qualified, the job must and will come. :wink:

when I give an interview. If I don’t have anything good to say, I say nothing at all. I do give suggestions but never “nice” opinion…