When the economy and jobs market is against you...

Lately, after failing 10 design-related job interviews, my life is almost on the line as I’ve accumulated considerable debt. The only option for me is to re-train into something that’s both in demand and also something that many other people don’t want to do. I’m trapped in Ireland and can’t even afford a bus ticket to leave it.

This is the reality of the jobs market.

Did any of you have to train into a new career or do several years of work unrelated to design just to survive? Share your stories - they are valuable!

Like Yo needs someone to toot his horn, but here:

It’s never easy.

Different circumstances… but the same problem. You’ve go to do what you’ve got to do. There’s no dishonor in not designing for a living.

I’ve always enjoyed being outside so I retrained to operate heavy equipment, and got my journeyman’s card just in time for the economy to tank; no housing, no infrastructure, no transportation work. Nada.
side job.JPG
There may yet be time to reinvent myself one more time … maybe labor law. Or perhaps phlebotomy… respiratory therapy? There’s always going to be a demand for “health care” specialist.