When should i charge?

hello everyone, this may be a dumb question, idk, but this guy i have recently started working for always wants me to come in and sit down when i explicitely told him that i wanted to work from home. I thought it best to meet with him a few times and get acquainted, everyone wants to know who is working for them. but now its getting a bit ridiculous, im still a student, and im trying to graduate in may so i am juggling alot of things at the moment and he still wants to meet weekly. and what should take 15 minutes to go over turns into an hour of him talking at me about things he is willing to pay me to do for him “someday”. all i can say is ‘well im not really interested in that. just the computer stuff’ …its takin up too much of my time, and the only way i think i can make it worth my while would be to charge him for that time. i mean it is an hour and a half every week…that is precious time i could be using to make money some other way…so, sorry so long but the question is should i charge this guy for our meetings or should i just be more assertive about only wanting to do what i was originally contracted to do? time is money…

So what’s the problem?

Tell him you are going to charge him for the time 'wasting" … if he’s not paying you and you have another source of income during that period of time your not getting paid from it either.

As they say, “Money talks, Bullsh*t walks.” Minimum charge for a “meeting”; one (1) hour @ your full rate.

You mentioned, “…originally contracted to do …” verbal or written?

I typically assume that meetings like that will take place throughout the course of a project, maybe not every week, but fairly often. It’s good to keep in contact with the client. If I am qouting a bulk sum for a project, I will add several hours for meeting time, whether this is a phone conference, e-mail or in person. In any qoute I state that any travel will be reimbursed by the client at $.37 / mile, or whatever the going rate is. Typically when a client sees this, the meetings only take place in person when they are critical.

The way I do it is that the initial consultation is free. That initial consultation is used to get enough information to produce a quote or proposal. All meetings after that are considered consulting time with billable hours.

Meetings after he signs a work agreement may be included in the project but only at milestones and between phases. Like when you are done with concepts, he gets 1 meeting to pick and discuss ideas. etc…

Time is money and your time is valuable so if he is dreaming, yo shuld not have to waste your time on his dreams.

Be nice but be direct and straight about your concerns. Tell him you need to charge for consulting time if he doesnt give you a paid project and is only talking out of his rear end over and over again.

any meeting is billed 2 hours minimum.
you have to get there and get back. as soon as you can’t be doing something of your choice–you bill. because your travel time is time you could be doing something fun or otherwise useful.

Thought 1:
YES!!! Charge him.

Thought 2:
Either prepare or demand a written agenda before you meet. If the meeting goes off track, remind your client of the agenda.

Thought 3:
Produce and email minutes of the meeting.

Thought 4:
Charge him for this as well.

Thought 5:
This way you make more money and spend less time. It puts you back in control of the situation and commands respect from your client.