When should i begin lookin for a job?

Hi, Im going into my senior year at school this year and currently finishing up my third internship with the hopes of having a fourth before i graduate. My question is when should i begin looking for a job (not an internship) to go into after i graduate. Some people have said that i should wait to get my portfolio up to par while others have told suggested that i send my stuff out as soon as possible. Any suggestions?

Get your portfolio ‘up to par’ before you show it. Companies are busy. They don’t have time to reinterview you especially when there are tons of other candidates. You may only get one chance at presenting your work…make sure its your best.

You should start looking/networking now. Just get the portfolio done first.

my opinion: Jan/Feb before May graduation. send samples. not full portfolio.

my advice: decide on portfolio template no later than early Fall. migrate old projects to that template. this will take time and effort beyond school work. scanning drawings and creating new layouts eats time. but in the Spring your mind is on your Thesis without concern for old projects and setting up portfolio. send samples of those. when final projects are complete they should already fit portfolio. can send update samples if necessary. final portfolio can go “live” by final graduation show.

“You may only get one chance at presenting your work…make sure its your best.”

i thought about this. honest.

Lauren’s right. first impressions last the longest.