When do you know you have a good idea?

I am currently trying to come up with new ideas for a project.
I have come with 10 or so problems and some solutions to some of the problems, but how do you decide which one to go with without doing too much work?

These ideas are at their simplist stage, simply statements. Should I come up with sketches for how I see the solution to all of them? Do I ask people what they think needs solving & what idea they like the most?
How do I quickly and easily find out which one(s) with give me the best product/project/concept?

Any suggestions would be greatly received.

Are your statements questions or answers?

If they are answers, first turn them into questions.
Now you are ready to start.

sorry if its not very clear what I am asking.

The question is:
How do you know which idea will make the best project?

At the moment my ideas are just statements on a piece of paper, nothing more.

Sorry if my question is not clear.

Go with what satisfies the project brief the most while still allowing you to have a little personal flair. You have to satisfy the client/ fullfill the mission first though. Other than that, it’s a judgement call, a good skill to work on and develop to be a designer.

I don’t think you will ever know until you have prototyped it out and tried it with a diversity of users. If it solves the problem without creating another one, it’s a damn good idea.


Thanks for the help.
I think your right skinny, in saying its a skill. There must be an element of skill in being able to choose the best idea, I think the skill probably lies in having a wide variety of knowledge in such areas as manufacturing and marketing.

Thanks molested_cow, I think asking myself whether any of them solve the problem without creating another problem is a good starting point.

Thanks guys. Your help and advice is most appreciated.