When are we going to get realtime 3D?

I am so sick of rendering!
Look at what a $400 consumer-grade ATI video-card can do in realtime:

There’s a video of it in action here:

I remember when it took Alias hours to raytrace something like that (oh, wait, it still takes hours…)

When are 3D design products going to give us this level of realtime modeling realism??

pretty sure some already do. need a DOT3 vidcard. and plugin. think Pro/E and maybe SW too. Pro/E renderer had news few weeks back i think.

nVidia CG plugin and ati has one maybe. havent used or tried.

i was wondering. so found this


announcement only a few months old. probably a little longer yet for Pro/E and rest of Lightworks customers to get real-time. dont know about SW. or StudioTools. anyone know? i saw Max and Maya plugins but i dont have the hardware to test with Maya. maybe in a couple months. i want to pour virtual coffee.

Supposedly solidworks 2004 offers this, “realview”

I actually just ordered a giant new quadro fx card so my machine could handle it because even the top of the line radeon jawn i have in there now can’t run it